At Arkansas Aesthetics you only pay for Botox you need. We only use brand name, FDA approved Botox® from Allergan USA.
All Procedures are administered our specially trained Registered Nurse.
BOTOX® Cosmetic has rapidly become one of the more popular treatments for people who want to smooth moderate lines and reduce the visible signs of aging.
It takes about 10 minutes for a single procedure of Botox Cosmetic, with results that can last up to four months, dramatically improving looks and enhancing one’s self esteem.


What Does BOTOX Do?

As you advance in age, wrinkles and furrows develop between your brows. These “frown lines” can make your face look angry, tired, or sad making you appear older than you feel. One of the main causes of frown lines is over-active muscles in your brow. Botox Cosmetic reduces the activity of these muscles that cause wrinkles in the upper part of your face thereby enhancing your appearance. Enhanced appearance, sense of self, vitality, and professional appearance can all be obtained through the use of Botox, which is proven to be a safe and effective.

What is BOTOX®?

[Main botox treatment areas] The active ingredient in Botox Cosmetic is a naturally occurring protein onabotulinumtoxinA that relaxes over-tightened muscles. Botox Cosmetic injections relax the muscles that cause smile lines (crow’s feet), forehead lines (transverse worry lines), and frown lines (wrinkles between eyes). These wrinkles are the result of constant use of the upper facial muscles (frowning, smiling, raising eyebrows, quizzical expressions). The repeated muscle movements lead to dynamic wrinkles, Botox is an excellent choice for eliminating these dynamic wrinkles.

Botox is a protein that paralyses muscles, it cannot eliminate creases or etched-in lines in the skin resulting from many years of repeated movement. This is why it’s wiser to start Botox injections earlier, rather than later. Botox works by relaxing the muscles, therefore improving facial expression lines. Best results usually occur 3 to 12 days after injection, and commonly last somewhere between 3-4 months. Thus, repeat injections are required to maintain the effects. The most common but unlikely side effects are redness and minor swelling at the injection site.



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